How to use Tik Tok


Friends, today we will tell you how to use Tik Tok. 

First of all, if you open Tick Talk then you will be given For you  videos on Tik Tok.

You can also watch videos without creating an account under Tik Tok

If you use Tick Talk by hand, then you people have to create an account within Tik Tok.

Now to create an account under Tik Tok, click on the option that will be available to me.

To create an account for you guys Can continue with phone number or email

And apart from this, you can also continue with Facebook.

You can also create your account through Continue with Google.

This is the way your people will create a tik tok account.

How to upload video to Tik Tok 

To upload videos on Friends Tik Tok, below you will see the Plus Mark

By clicking on the plus Mark, you can upload your videos and also submit your followers within the tik tok

And apart from this, you can also do charts on Tik Tok with your friends.

You can also take a free Recharge with Tik Tok. This new update has come on Tik Tok.

Inviting a friend, Tik Tok gives you 440 more rupees.

You can also earn money by watching videos on Tik Tok

To accumulate more followers on Tik Tok, you have to be active on more Tik Tok so that you can get more followers on Tik Tok and you on Tik Tok Make more fans

If you people are more active inside the tick talk, then the tik tok will give you more chance and in addition to the privacy policy has been given inside the tik tok, you have to follow them.

If you do not follow the privacy policy, Tick Talk will Close your account.

And within the Tik Tok you can also collect fans and take them to other platforms such as this Youtube or Instagram or on Facebook which you can call your fans there.

Many more futures have been given inside the tik tok, which will give you a lot of profit.

Apart from this, inside the tik tok, you will also find people advertising when your 1 million for Followers is accumulated.

In the same way, you will be able to earn money from advertising on Tick Tok and in addition to this you can earn free balance by inviting inside Tik Tok.

How to know Tik Tok’s privacy policy

To go to Tik Tok privacy policy, click on the account and click on the settings, there you see the complete details of the privacy policy and apart from this, let me tell you some of the privacy policy here as well.

Privacy Policy

Welcome to TikTok (the “Platform”)

What information do we collect?


Information you choose to provide

For certain activities, such as when you register, upload content to the Platform, or contact us directly, you may provide some or all of the following informatnumimage


Payment information, such as PayPal or other third-party payment information (where required for the payment)

you have to take care of the Privacy Policy,

See the rest of the Privacy Policy by going to Tik Tok

I have told you the details, how to use the tik tok.


Thank you very much your people 

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